The PAE coordinators support counties and affiliates through site visits and regular correspondence.  As part of their correspondence, the PAE coordinator sends reports (usually monthly) to the SWAN county contact to update information about children who are actively registered.  During this correspondence, the coordinator works closely with the county and affiliate to confirm or expand the characteristics listed on the CY130[i]; edit or solicit more information to create a strengths-based narrative, and talk about the quality of the current photo.  In addition, the coordinator will share information about upcoming statewide and regional training, matching events and adoption awareness activities.  PAE coordinators will continue to facilitate ongoing correspondence with child specific recruitment (CSR) workers and county caseworkers to make sure the most recent and up-to-date information is on the record for children who are registered with PAE.

Coordinators conduct detailed quarterly reviews of all children who are registered with PAE, including those who are “active” on or on “hold” and not posted to the website.  An active child review takes a closer look at:

  • Children who are in placement a long time. PAE coordinators will check to see if the child was referred for all appropriate services and received every recruitment strategy available.  They will suggest revisiting or using additional strategies and units of service to strive toward permanency for the child.
  • Children who are registered with PAE for a moderate amount of time.  PAE coordinators partner with the child’s caseworker to achieve permanency (e.g., looking closely at the units of service and recruitment strategies).
  • Newly registered children.  PAE coordinators look closely at the narratives, photos and characteristics and will send or discuss potential matches.

In addition, PAE coordinators will take this time to follow up on children who are registered but currently listed as on “hold” but are continuing to be monitored.  When a child is on hold, they will not show up on the PAE website or receive matches.  A child can be placed on hold for many reasons, including when a worker has already received enough family profiles to review and is moving towards selecting a family; when a child is matched with a family but not finalized; when a child is in a pre-adoptive home and awaiting finalization; when termination of parental rights (TPR) is under appeal; when a child’s goal is changed to permanent legal custodian (PLC) or another permanent planned living arrangement (APPLA), for which the child remains on hold for tracking purposes; and when severe medical or emotional issues require suspending recruitment efforts until the child is stabilized.  In all cases, the child will continue to be reviewed semiannually until they finalize, age out, reunify, or the county closes the case.

Regular updates and open lines of communication are important to make sure PAE data and reports are accurate and current.  Once the case is closed with the county, PAE coordinators should be notified to close the record in the SWAN Portal as well.  Affiliates and counties should notify the PAE coordinator if the child is matched, an intent-to-adopt petition is filed, the child is living or visiting with a family, or the primary contact information needs to be changed.  To play it safe, any time there is a new development, contact your PAE coordinator, who will be happy to make the necessary changes, answer questions or address concerns.

[i] Child Registration/Update Form (CY 130):