The establishment of an identified adult or family who has made a commitment to care for and to support a child up to and beyond the age of majority.  Permanency options as defined by ASFA in hierarchical order are as follows:  (1) return to the parent, (2) place for adoption, (3) placement with a permanent legal custodian, (4) placement with a fit and willing relative or (5) another planned permanent living arrangement (APPLA).  (APPLA may be used only when no other arrangement can be made for the child and all other permanency options have been ruled out. If and when the child will be placed in another planned permanent living arrangement which is approved by the court, the child must be 18 years of age or older. Also, the county agency shall identify at least two significant connections with supportive adults willing to be involved in the child’s life as the child transitions to adulthood, or document that efforts have been made to identify supportive adults.)


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