Family Profile

This service is available to any family who is willing to be considered as a permanency resource to a child in the custody of a county children and youth agency, CCYA regardless of the child’s goal. It is a best practice format that provides a more consistent presentation to simplify the review and selection of a family. The service can also be used when trying to locate a permanent connection for a child or older youth, and the agency wishes to assure the family or individual qualifies after reviewing clearances and requested references. Other components of the Family Profile are: orientation, family preparation (training), pre-placement continuing education to keep families supported through the process, annual updates, professional supports and matching referrals. Once completed, the Family Profile will include two updates, thereby maintaining it as a viable document for up to three years to use for multiple permanency options. Family Profiles are completed using the SWAN Family Approval Document.

For more information and guidance, please access the SWAN Family Profile web based training by clicking: