Child Specific Recruitment, CSR

This service is available to any child or youth in the legal custody of a county children and youth agency, CCYA in out-of-home placement regardless of their permanency goal. CSR is requested for children who have no identified family resource or permanency connections. CSR can help identify and develop connections and supports for older youth as they transition into young adulthood. All children referred for CSR must be registered with the Pennsylvania Adoption Exchange, PAE, if their goal is adoption. PAE coordinators will work closely with any county to clarify and customize registration. Additionally, children whose parental rights have not been terminated can be registered using an alias and a silhouette instead of a photo. If their goal is not adoption, PAE registration is waived. CSR may be used to help meet the diligent search requirements of the Fostering  Connections to Success and Increasing Adoptions Act of 2008 and Act 55 of 2013. The affiliate agency is expected to work closely with the child or older youth and the CCYA agency to locate and develop an adoptive family or other individuals who can serve as permanent connections. The CCYA agency certifies the work when the steps outlined in the CSR plan are completed.