The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, DHS

DHS’s responsibilities for permanency services and activities are to:

  • Collaborate with all network participants to remove systemic barriers that impede the timely permanency of waiting children;
  • Ensure safety and prompt permanency for children ;
  • Develop and monitor contract objectives, priorities and terms of the prime contract for full compliance;
  • Fund and support approved contract costs;
  • Participate in the development of the terms of contracts with affiliates;
  • Maintain and support the SWAN Advisory Committee;
  • Prepare, issue and keep current policies and procedures that will direct the operation of the network;
  • Facilitate regular communication and collaboration among network participants;
  • Monitor compliance with permanency policies and procedures;
  • Monitor operations to assess the accomplishment of program goals;
  • Operate PAE, including the website;
  • Monitor delivery of competency-based training for permanency services;
  • Coordinate and negotiate a public education and media campaign that improves the permanency opportunities of children in county agency custody;
  • Maintain a data system on the status of child population served;
  • Compile and disseminate data on SWAN program activities to network participants; and
  • Report program activity to the Governor’s Office and legislative leadership.