Child Placement

This service is available to any child or youth in the legal custody of a county children and youth agency (CCYA) who has a goal of adoption. Placement services are referred when a child or youth is ready to be placed into an approved adoptive home.  As with all units of service, the voluntary post-adoption contact agreement (PACA) can be facilitated in conjunction with the tasks of the Placement unit of service.

Placement services incorporate all pre-placement activities required to get the child into an identified home. These may include developing a matching plan, assisting the family with identifying potential matches and reviewing the child’s information, accompanying families to interviews, coordinating and participating in pre-placement visits as well as follow up. Placement is determined to occur when the child is moved and a formal placement agreement is in place.

For more information and guidance, please access the SWAN Placement and Finalization web based training by clicking: