Monitoring and Budgeting Cost/Time

Supervisory Manual: Using and Monitoring Cost/Time Log Data

This manual was designed as a tool to assist SWAN affiliate agency supervisors in capturing all of the data associated with the completion of SWAN Units of Service through the SWAN Benchmark Cost/Time Log. This data must be collected with consistency and accuracy because the outcomes are used by OCYF to determine rates for the completion of SWAN Units of Service. Designed specifically for use by affiliate supervisors, tips for training workers on the usage of the SWAN Benchmark Cost/Time Log, Using Reports, and a discussion of the SWAN Cost and Time Quarterly Report are included.

Supervisory Manual: Using and Monitoring SWAN Benchmark Cost/Time Log Data

SWAN Affiliate Budgeting Worksheet

The SWAN Affiliate Budgeting worksheet (ABW) is a resource designed for affiliate administration and fiscal personnel in helping to plan and monitor the fiscal aspect of their SWAN program. Benefits of this worksheet include managing caseloads, identifying staffing needs, identifying referral trends, analyzing Cost and Time data and forecasting budgeting needs. Video tutorials and ABW User Guide are available to assist in learning how to utilize this tool.

SWAN Affiliate Budgeting Worksheet

SWAN Affiliate Budgeting Worksheet Frequently Asked Questions

SWAN Affiliate Budgeting Worksheet User Guide

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