Since 2003 the SWAN LSI program answers all legal inquiries received through the SWAN network through a legal “Warmline.” Inquiries come from all sectors of the child welfare community including paralegals, counties, SWAN affiliate agencies, attorneys, attendees of legal trainings, court administration, birth parents, resource parents and youth formerly in the child welfare system.

After receiving and reviewing the questions, LSI staff:

  • Research existing law and regulations
  • Determines which statutes, regulations or case law are relevant to the question
  • If necessary, contacts other appropriate resources
  • Responds by reporting the research findings

If you have a legal inquiry, question or concern for the Warmline, please contact the LSI office at 888-793-2512 or by email: lsiwarmline@diakon-swan.org.

Please note: Response times may vary depending on the nature of the inquiry. The LSI Warmline provides information, not legal advice.