Adoption Day Events: A Planner’s Guide

Download Adoption Day Events: A Planner’s Guide

LSI plays a significant role in addressing delays in the legal process that slow a child’s move to a permanent family. By design, a paralegal’s role in each county is flexible and varies to suit the county’s needs. Over the years, many of these SWAN LSI paralegals (LSIPs) have organized, coordinated and supported events that commemorate adoptions, celebrate families and children and bring awareness to the ongoing need for foster and adoptive family resources.

In 2013, we created Adoption Day Events: A Planner’s Guide with Pennsylvania’s waiting children in mind. The LSI team created this tool for fellow paralegals, county and affiliate agency workers and additional colleagues throughout the network. Our original hope was to share our stories, successes and lessons learned. Since that time, we have heard of and been part of many exciting Adoption Day celebration events and Finalizations. This updated guide offers many additional suggestions from those who have planned or participated in these amazing events. The planner’s guide provides:

• A history of National Adoption Month and Adoption Day
• Tips for planning your event
• Real-life Adoption Day stories from Pennsylvania’s counties
• Sample documents and resources to support your Adoption Day event

As you might be aware, the original Adoption Day guide also included information about adoption awareness and matching events planned in coordination with the Pennsylvania Adoption Exchange (PAE). This updated guide focuses solely on the LSI paralegal’s role and perspective in supporting county Adoption Day events/Finalizations. To learn more about planning adoption awareness or matching events, see Adoption Awareness and Matching Events: Planning for Success