SWAN Prime Contractor

The SWAN prime contractor responsibilities are:

  • Collaborate with all network participants to remove systemic barriers that impede the timely permanency of waiting children;
  • Support DHS to implement all components of the SWAN program and comply with terms of the SWAN contract;
  • Enter into and monitor unit cost contracts with approved affiliates for quality and timely permanency services;
  • Contract with licensed agencies and organizations in good standing, as directed by the terms of the prime contract, to provide related support services (legal services, conferencing, training, recruitment and outreach efforts and post-permanency services);
  • Pay affiliates promptly;
  • Maintain accurate records of referrals, services delivered and payments made;
  • Maintain a database system that is accessible to DHS;
  • Receive and assign referrals from counties and affiliates;
  • Refer requests for information from new families to the SWAN Helpline;
  • Facilitate regular communication and collaborative efforts among network participants;
  • Provide periodic reports to DHS as required describing contracted activities; and
  • Provide educational and training opportunities to network participants that focus on best practices in permanency.